Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Women and Circles

I have been trying to play around more.  I haven't liked everything I've made, but it's been fun and I learn a lot.

Here I was playing with black gesso, wondering if it would scratch off like tempera paint does.  I colored the paper and then painted it black.  Scratching the surface didn't work that well.  I had to press too hard and the color came off too.  So I just played around with making marks and coloring in with cow markers (messy, but fun).
 In the one below, I started with the circles in the bottom right corner which are actually traced from a basket pulled off an old ski pole (I am somewhat troubled by the fact that I am being rewarded for being a hoarder of weird stuff now--Look at this cool shape, I can use it in art!).  Lots of fun letting loose with this one in terms of color and marks.  Then the woman emerged.  Then I noticed that these two pieces have a similar theme of a female figure in front of a circle.  Very different feelings to them though.

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