Monday, August 29, 2016

Empty Nest necklace

I have a dear friend whose daughter just went off to college.  Wondering how to support her, I came across some how-to tutorials on Pinterest for making a nest necklace (this one and this one).  I also found a quote which said something like "They may leave the nest, but they never leave your heart." Inspired, I made this:

Friday, August 26, 2016

Take care of yourself

A friend of mine came over last weekend and wanted to do some healing art.  We each worked on an intention.  Mine was self-care.  Self-care is such an interesting thing.  We know we need to do it and it is the last thing we do.  I am really working on self-compassion and giving myself permission to take care of myself in my practice right now.
 I had this idea of how do I fill my cup.
 And I realized, there are a lot of ways I sabotage self-care.
Just a fun, quick, little piece to get creative juices flowing again.  I like how the cup kind of looks like it has wings in the final piece.  The red around the cup is actually paint that I've peeled off of a table I'm refinishing.  Some of the wood of the table stuck to the paint.  I love how this looks.  Which means I'm stuck with the heat gun and peeling more paint rather than going to another method which might be quicker.  Oh well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Stay Cool

A lot has been happening at my house-- three sets of back-to-back guests within 2 weeks.  My husband left on a business venture for 3 months.  School is getting ready to start.  My art has suffered, but this card has a good message for me.
I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  I didn't decide to add wording until I'd already carved out most of the fan.  I drew the words on backwards, directly onto the block.  Glad I didn't get any turned around!  I'm going to carve another set of words: "You got this" to go on the inside of the card.  Stamped with black Versafine inkpad and rubbed Tim Holtz wild honey distress ink on edges.