Friday, February 27, 2015

DLP #4

This was the challenge for January 24th.
Art Challenge:Writing
Prompt: Words with Friends

I wrote all over the page (inspired by Lorraine Bell) and then covered some of the writing with gesso.  Scraped some orange paint on with old gift card.Scraped blue on with gift card that had the edges  cut into a pattern. Used the page as a blotter for something else which left random spots. Drew head and crossword grid with Pitt pen.  Filled in head with water colors.  Cut dialog bubble out of page of music, used distress ink around edge of bubble.  Cut words out of magazines and stamped author's name and adhered to bubble.  

DLP: Week 3

I decided to just go in order with the challenges, even though I'm so far behind.  This week's art challenge was: the color wheel and the prompt was "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way." by Georgia O'Keefe.

This is not one of my favorite layouts, but I did get it to a point where I didn't mind it.  I started by applying ink directly to the paper with ink pads.  I tried to get a circular rainbow effect around the edge of the page.  Didn't like it.  Applied more color with blotch stencil.  Decided to stamp handcarved bicycle stamp in a few places-- going with the wheel idea.  Um, didn't like it.  Light layer of gesso over some of the page.  Cut a bar code stencil and applied paint in rainbow colors over most of the page.  Stenciled the sugar skull in middle (Ed Roth) and did another layer of gesso to make skull stand out.  Wrote in quote(this one seemed more appropriate than the O'Keefe quote) and doodled around edges.  Better.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

DLP Week 2

I'd been playing around with some stencils but didn't really like how they were coming together.  Then I decided to keep working the page and use the Week 2 Challenge to help me out.  Remember that the January theme was The Blank Page and How to Face It.  Week two's art challenge was gesso and the prompt was "The beginning is always today." by Mary Shelley.  This was perfect for me since I'd been hemming and hawing starting on this project.
Stenciled the various circles and the hexagons.  Added washi tape on the left.  Stenciled smaller circles on top of the upper right circles and the hexagons.  Painted a square of black gesso over most of the hexagons.  Added Tim Holtz steampunk stamps (arrow, clock face, and pointing hand).  Stamped a clock face in white pigment ink on the middle circle on the left, but it's hard to see.  Used a black pen to partially outline the circles on the left (messed one up, oh well).  More washi tape and ruler stamp (Tim Holtz again) around the gesso.   To turn the gesso into a chalkboard, rub chalk lengthwise all over and then wipe off with paper towel.  Now it's primed to write on.

Documented Life Project

My friend Deedee suggested we both do the Documented Life Project together.  I had been wanting to do some art journaling so this seemed like good motivation, plus we get to reconnect through art.   Then I had the problem of overcoming inertia, and my mind telling me I had more important things to do and that it was just too selfish/self-absorbed to be taking time to do this.  Then I saw Deedee's creations on her blog and was blown out of the water.  I had yet another excuse not to start: my stuff would look like crap compared to hers.  Finally another friend told me to get over it, that I was judging before I even began, and to give myself a break.  So grateful for her calm, centered self!

January's theme was The Blank Page and How to Face It!
And the first art challenge was Book Paper with the journal prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper.  I actually did this challenge second (I'm so behind that I can do them in any order, grin).  But for the sake of consistency with the DLP, I'll post in the correct order.

I crossed out all of the words but a few on the book paper that I used.  I used Dylusion ink for the green and blue color.  Stamped the handcarved pattern stamps in the background with Adirondack rainbow pad and then stamped the handcarved woman over top.  Painted white gesso around her so that she stood out more.  Tried a Tim Holtz Distress Marker (white) to fill her in, but it ended up blending the ink color instead of filling it in with white.  I liked it although I'm not pleased with this pen.  Stamped the letters (commercial, but I don't know the company) on deli paper and glued them on with matte gel medium.